After a nice afternoon Matt has came to the end of his travels at his brother’sand beautiful girlfriend’s house.
The brothers were chating along but the blonde beauty caught her eyes on Matt.
It was late, Christina showed her love’s sibling his bedroom… Everybody went to sleep.
Christina was dreaming about having wild sex with Matt… the dream was made her so wet, she snuck into Matt’s bed and started to suck him off.
Poor, innocent brother didn’t knew a thing, but he enjoyed it, the blonde made his cock rock hard, fast.
She almost got caught, she ran beck to her love and couldn’t wait for tommorrow because
she knew she’ll be just with Matt and can use him…
Morning came, Tom ran off to buy a valentine’s day gift… For Christina, but Matt
wanted her, too. This dirty sex was heavenly…They fucked hard and long without remorse…

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